1. Her 11th Birthday Was The First Time She Said She Didn't Want To Live. She Left On His 21st.

    My second favorite slam poetry video of all time.

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    "Assigned Sex" Trailer: The Cost of Being Transgender In America

    Assigned Sex is a documentary that follows five transgender individuals as they break away from America’s gender roles. The documentary will be released to the public on OCTOBER 16, 2014.

    Have a question? Comments or questions regarding the Assigned Sex documentary project? Email pr@meshae.com

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    The Changing World of LGB&T Media

    Yesterday, I got an alert on my phone telling me that a transgender teenager was stabbed on the Green Line metro here in DC. It was followed by another alert telling me it was a hate crime.

    Instant breaking news alerts are nothing new in the day of smart phones, but this one really affected me. Not only was I shocked and disgusted that yet another trans person has been violently attacked in DC, but I was also amazed that the alert had happened at all.

    When Alex and I first started blogging here at Bilerico, it was a challenge to find gay news to post. It’s one of the reasons why you saw a lot of non-LGBT political coverage when we were the main bloggers. News about transgender people was almost nonexistent unless it came from a reporter for an LGBT-specific publication. Even then, gay and lesbian stories made up the bulk of reporting.

    Of course, we started Bilerico Project well before many of the other popular blogs started. Hell, Huffington Post started later than we did - let alone their LGBT ghetto section. HuffPo has become one of the largest aggregators of news now, but back in the day one of our common topics was pointing out how horrible the coverage was from mainstream media on LGBT issues and not just blockquoting or rewriting it.

    For example, our coverage of a particularly atrocious story by an Indianapolis NBC station earned the reporter the “worst in the nation” award for his patently offensive reporting on the murder of a local transgender woman. To be fair, other outlets also flubbed the story, but after it was pointed out they corrected their pieces and invited me to come teach their reporters how to be more sensitive to LGBT issues in their reporting.

    Now, a local NBC station is sending me alerts on my phone to tell me about a vicious attack on an LGBT person and the story is, for the most part, pitch perfect. (Yes, they say “transgendered” instead of “transgender,” but in the grand scheme of things that’s small potatoes.) As LGBT rights have quickly advanced, we have to credit the media for helping to make that change happen.

    As I said on Facebook last night when I posted about the story, “I try to believe that we’re going through this so the next generation of our tribe won’t have to. I hope to see that day. At the rate things are going lately, maybe I will.”

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  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brynn-tannehill/the-new-c-word_b_5617913.html?utm_hp_ref=transgender
    I found this article the other day, and I just have some comments:

    Let’s respect the people who don’t like to be called “cisgender” because we obviously respect the people who have been called faggot, dyke, tranny, and nigger over the years against their will. Great argument.
    Cisgender isn’t a binary word. It’s a word used to describe a person who identifies with the gender they were assigned with at birth. A woman who identifies as a woman; a man who identifies as a man. It’s not that complicated.
    Neither transgender nor cisgender have anything to do with sexual orientation. They are gender identities. These two things are completely unrelated. You, Brynn, are clearly uneducated.

    The article that you so poorly critique is here:


    Gender is fluid and lies on a spectrum. Saying that you’re cisgender doesn’t mean you’re a man because you have a penis and like to do “manly” things. It means you identify as man. You may like to get manicures and pedicures before you and your buds go play sports. Totally fine. But just because you get manicures and pedicures, you don’t suddenly identify as a woman, do you? No? Okay then.

    I’m glad that the media is now suddenly reporting on more trans topics, but it would be nice if they got them right BEFORE being published.

    *Note: I still don’t understand with this “die cis scum” and “truscum” battle is about, nor do I have any intention of getting involved because honestly, none of that exists outside of Tumblr. Feel free to educate me if you want, I just want rightful and correct representation for my community.

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  6. Shattering the Silence


    Do or die, fail or try;
    either way, you don’t have a choice
    unless you want to live life with a voice
    silenced by others who would rather live in fear
    than open up their minds and hearts to hear
    what you have to say and the good you can do.

    The bottom line is people are afraid of the truth

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  7. After three years of saving the stencil, I finally got him done. :) <3

    Thanksgiving, 2013

  8. You know why the T in LGBT always gets overshadowed? Because all three letters in front of it are sexual orientations which are all relatively easy concepts to understand. But once you get to gender identity, everyone loses their ability to reason and turns into stubborn two year olds who stamp their foot and refuse to accept a new idea (that really isn’t new). So no, I don’t celebrate pride month because we get overshadowed 11 months out of the year. One month of surface-level “acceptance” still makes you an ignorant person, NOT a true ally. You’re like those people who donate everything to the poor and work at soup kitchens only for the month of December in the name of “the Christmas spirit” and spend the rest of the year being a slave to fashion trends and then constantly complain that you never have any clothes to wear.

  9. elliwhat:

    hi im going swimming and i need help

    im a pre-op trans guy, so my question is would i wear underwear under swim trunks? it has a lining but idk since my anatomy is different from a cis guy would i have to like wear underwear or somethin under idk… do i have any followers that are ftm or are dfab nonbinary who wear swim trunks? or a cis girl who wears swim trunks ?thanks!!

    I wear mine underneath my swimtrunks, but that’s more for comfort than anything else. Just in case your trunks get sucked out by the riptide, better safe than sorry!

    It doesn’t even really matter, though. Even for cismales, some go with, so go without. It’s all a matter of comfort. Hope this helps!

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  10. autisticbrucebanner:

    im very suicidal and Very dysphoric

    You’re not alone.

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